Neurosurgical Associates Of Texarkana specialize in surgery for spinal and brain disorders. We work with your physician as consultants when they think surgery might be indicated.

Neurosurgical Associates Of Texarkana was established in 1979 by George Bohmfalk. Over the years there have been several other neurosurgeons to join the group. Currently, Neurosurgical Associates Of Texarkana consists of Dr. Brett Dietze, Dr. Marc Smith, and Dr. Brian Willis. In addition to our physicians, Neurosurgical Associates Of Texarkana has a very experienced and loyal support team. Many of the employees have been with Neurosurgical Associates Of Texarkana since the beginning.

It is the mission of Neurosurgical Associates Of Texarkana to provide Texarkana and the surrounding community with neurosurgical services.

If our doctors determine that you require more complicated surgery than is routinely done in Texarkana, they will refer you to a major medical center that specializes in the area of your needs.


Dr. Brian Willis has recently been appointed as the Chair of the Neurosurgery Program at LSU Shreveport. This is a great honor for Dr. Willis. We are all excited for Dr. Willis and wish him great success in his new journey.

Dr. Brett Dietze and Dr. Marc Smith will be assisting in the transition of Dr. Willis’ patients. If you are a patient of Dr. Willis’ and wish to continue with Neurosurgical Associates, please call our office 903-7944196 ext. 141 or 123, and let us know. If you wish to have your medical records transferred to another provider, please call 903-7944196 ext. 127. Neurosurgical Associates is open for business and we are accepting new patients. Efforts are being made to recruit a replacement for Dr. Willis. We look forward to continuing to provide quality neurosurgical services to the communities we serve.

Dr. Brett Dietze

Dr. Marc Smith

Dr. Brian Willis


Neurosurgical Associates Of Texarkana
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Phone : 903-794-4196
Fax: 903-792-7408
Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday
8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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