What types of patients does NSA treat?

Our physicians are surgeons. They treat patients with conditions related to the brain/spine that can be improved through surgery.

Does NSA treat chronic pain patients?

No. These patients are referred to a pain management specialist for treatment.

Does NSA treat workers compensation patients?


Does NSA treat motor vehicle accident patients?


How do I make an appointment?

Patient appointments are made by referrals. After NSA receives a referral from your primary physician or other healthcare provider that you have seen, an appointment is made and the patient is notified. A current MRI (magnetic resonance imaging study) less than 6 months old is require in order to make the appointment. Under certain circumstances, a CT (computerized tomography) study is acceptable.

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records?

Contact our office and talk with our medical records associate...... Ext #127

What insurance plans does NSA accept?

NSA accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans. Please refer to your insurance plan document or your company's website to verify in network status of our physicians.

What can I use the NSA portal for?

Sending secure messages to NSA such as special requests, inquiries, updating information.

Where is NSA located?

On the fourth floor at 1002, Texas Blvd, Texarkana TX. (next to Wadley Regional Medical Center).

Who do I contact if I have a special need or request?

Contact the practice administrator....... Ext # 123.